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Cyber Innovation

Strong cyber security is an essential element of Canadian innovation and prosperity. Individuals, governments, and businesses all want to have confidence in the cyber systems that underpin their daily lives. The Government of Canada envisions a future in which all Canadians play an active role in shaping and sustaining our nation's cyber resilience.

By supporting advanced research, fostering digital innovation, and developing cyber skills and knowledge, the federal government will position Canada as a global leader in cyber security.

Strategic Context: Expanding Frontiers of Cyber Security

Digital innovation has become the engine of economic growth in the 21st century. Cyber security is not only essential for protecting the sources of Canada's digital innovation — it has become a source of innovation in its own right.

New Horizons of Technology and Business Development

Cyber security is increasingly driving innovation and economic activity in Canada. It already contributes $1.7 billion to Canada's GDP and consists of over 11,000 well-paying jobsNote1. With the global cyber security industry forecasted to grow by 66% by 2021, thousands of additional jobs could be created for Canadians in the years aheadNote2. Governments, academia, and members of the private sector can work together to create new opportunities, drive investment, and foster leading-edge research and development.

Canada is already a leader in cyber security research and development. Breakthroughs in cyber security research are not only beneficial for Canadian cyber security firms, but for the economy as a whole. Government has a role to play to support advanced research and to help innovative companies scale up to bring cyber security technologies and services to the global marketplace.

Building on the Benefits of Digital Technology

Canada's participation in digital life has generated immense prosperity and benefits, and has opened a new gateway to the world. Governments, businesses and other organizations play a central role in protecting these benefits by establishing strong security for their online platforms, products, and services.

Cyber security is only as strong as its weakest link. Small and medium enterprises — and indeed many organizations in Canada — face similar challenges securing their systems and networks as their much larger counterparts, but must do so with less expertise and fewer resources. Governments can help correct this asymmetry by providing advice and guidance and enhancing access to cyber security information and tools. This helps Canadian organizations in both public and private sectors to successfully adopt digital technologies.

Individual knowledge goes a long way in cyber security, from digital literacy all the way to coding and threat mitigation skills. Initiatives in Canadian communities, schools, and post-secondary institutions help to equip Canadians with skills for the digital age. The Government of Canada is playing its part through long-term investments to help Canadians of all backgrounds to get the education and work experience they need to participate in an increasingly digital economy.

Quantum science and technology allows information to be processed and secured much more rapidly and more securely. Quantum devices could have revolutionary benefits across a range of fields, such as helping to understand how diseases develop or optimizing medical treatments. While quantum can secure information and push technology to new limits, its use may also threaten many forms of encryption used today to protect systems and applications in Canada and around the world.

Recognizing the opportunities and challenges of quantum computing, Canadian efforts have established a strong base of expertise and leadership in quantum computing, like that seen at the Institute of Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo.

Advancing 21st Century Skills and Knowledge

The demand for qualified cyber security professionals is surging. A global shortage of qualified professionals represents an immediate and growing opportunity for Canada's highly educated workforce. We can encourage more students to move into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. We can encourage graduates from both STEM programs and other disciplines (such as psychology, sociology, or management) to specialize in the skills needed for cyber security jobs. Attracting this multidisciplinary talent, both domestically and from abroad, is essential for Canadian governments and businesses. It also helps to ensure that Canadian companies are able to safely grow and innovate as they expand their use of digital technology.

As the cyber security environment continues to evolve, there is a constant need for reliable and up-to-date information. Canadian statistics and research in the area of cyber security will provide a more accurate view of the cyber issues our nation faces in a global context. This information can be used by academics, researchers, and policy makers to understand trends, manage risk, inform future investments, and adjust course when appropriate.

Posted By: ZAMS Group Of Companies


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